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“Trieste is a collection of flavours: the city, the sea, the Mediterranean world’s aromas, the Central Europe, the Karst mountains and the Slavic heritage. This is what you will find in our dishes. Fragrances, tastes, tradition, creativity – a cuisine in harmony with the seasons which will make you discover this wonderful region and fall in love with it.”

The cuisine

Ami Claudio Giorgio & Mattia

Our food’s main features – always up to time and regardful of tradition – are fresh and seasonal ingredients that come from the Gulf of Trieste, the Adriatic Sea, the land of Trieste, Karst and the near Slovenia. They will lead you to taste the treasure of diversity and quality.
The Adriatic Sea provides us every day fresh caught fishes, shellfishes and seafood, to which we dedicate our greatest expertise. We serve them raw – hygienically guaranteed – lukewarm, warm, cooked and grilled. Vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, potatoes or king white or black truffle from Istria – as fresh and territorial.
We seek from local producers the meat that we serve and, only in exceptional case of certified quality, we use the ones that come from other territories.
The aromatic herbs come from our home garden. Bread, pasta and polenta are home made.
Only the exotic spices – such as Malabar’s pepper, the Mauritian curry, ginger and cardamom, star anise and sesame – have came from far away as in Marco Polo’s era.
Who loves vegetarian food will be very satisfied by our dishes, the quality of ingredients and its preparation.
“Tergeste d.o.p.” – grown, gathered only by hand and pressed by the finest producers of Val Rosandra – is awarded every year among the best national and international olive oils.
Like it happens to the honey of Karst and to the cheese, because they both are influenced by the unique botanical variety of our territory. Over two thousand specimens have been classified in this uncontaminated land in which bees and cows are feed. Likewise for the local viticulture and its wines: vitovska, malvasia, glera, terrano…
The surroundings of Trieste are not so generous, and surely are hard to cultivate. The producers have perfectly understood that they can reach the gourmet only with maximum care and quality. They are our best friends and our favourite providers.
Food produced with ‘zero food miles’ and biologic ingridients they were usual for us, long time before they became trendy. Our guests who suffer food intolerance can be sure that they will have a personalized menu, without losing taste.
Our kitchen team is young and proudly able to offer you the best products from the seasonal and fresh ingredients. Ami Scabar signs her recipes with the international experience as ‘chef de cuisine’. Claudio Rosso, chef executive, won the Gold Medal of the International Cooking Championship, which took place in Marina di Carrara in 2010. This award hadn’t been won in Trieste since a long time before that. Bryan Salimbeni, executive chef, won in 2013 the Chef’s Competition of Trieste and the trophy as best chef in the city.

Ami & the chef Caio


Also Giorgio Scabar’s idea of cellar is simple and clear. Over 150 labels represent the Karst with the local wines Vitovska, Glera, Malvasia and Terrano. Moreover the finest wines of Friuli, Collio and Collio Orientale. The near Slovenia has contributed with the wines from Brda, Slovenian Karst, Vipava Valley and Istria. Of course there are also the finest wines of Piemonte, Tuscany, France and Germany. A wide choice of sparkling wine such as Prosecco, Franciacorta and Champagne to start a tasty meal is at your disposal, like the digestives at the end. The sommelier Giorgio Scabar will advise you with the perfect wine for each dish. Also just a glass for who drives.
Moreover you can find the direct sell to provide your home-cellar or your boat for the next voyage in the Adriatic Sea. We also sell olive oil.


Banquet, party, anniversary, reception, cocktail party, graduation party, business lunch and dinner, tasting menu – do not hesitate to contact us to let us plan your own perfect event, which will be remembered for a long time by your guests.

Cooking classes

Often our clients ask us to learn more about the dishes and their preparation. On demand Ami Scabar can hold personalized cooking classes.

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